I started a blog so I would have a place to post my personal musings on various topics and I hope others who stumble on my page will be able to take something good from it. These are my thoughts and interpretations but you are welcome to comment on anything you’d like to, other than this post containing the commenting guidelines of course! I usually discuss issues related to my Christian life, learning and values. I hope you’re interested in exploring the same things. I don’t suppose you’d comment unless you have thoughts about it one way or another. You’re welcome to express your dissension if you care to interact on the various topics. I’ll present the foundations for my belief that Christianity is absolutely true and that it is the summation of God’s immeasurable love for us. There may be those of you who take issue with my interpretations and that’s alright as long as you bring a reasonable presentation for your own conclusions.  Dissenting views are welcomed and encouraged!  That’s one reason I’m talking about it.  I hope that you’re encouraged to explore the truth.

I may also introduce any topic that’s on my mind that day.  That remains my prerogative.   🙂

Oh yeah, and one more thing. I will not tolerate any personal attacks or vituperative remarks against anyone — for real! It grieves me to even have to remind anyone of that but in the world of hidden internet identities some people take liberties with language because of their anonymity that they would never be brave enough to voice in person. You should be able to defend your beliefs without resorting to irate tirades which serve to demonstrate to others that:  a) You have already determined that the evidence presented does not avouch your contentions, or b) You have no argument to the contrary so, c) You resort to diversionary, vitriolic attacks on a person in hopes of silencing any dissenting views for which you have no other defense. If you demonstrate a proclivity to violate the posting guidelines here, your comments won’t get published after the first time it happens – it’s that simple.

Thanks for dropping in!

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