The following post is from Dan Porter’s “Shroud of Turin Blog” (condensed):

“Now’s Your Chance to check out one of the greatest mysteries of the ages!

Russ Breault has studied and spoken on the Shroud of Turin for decades.

“On September 29th, 2012 Russ is bringing his two-hour presentation, the Shroud of Turin Education Project to the First Baptist Church of Matthews. The presentation begins at 4:00 PM; doors open at 3:30. More info. call office at 704) 847-9150, Charlotte, NC.”

So Cool, it’s a wonder someone of Russ’ expertise is near enough for me to get to the presentation! I’m really looking forward to hearing everything else the television documentaries leave out when editing.

So, I’m very excited about it and it’s going to be great! After I was saved by the blood of Christ, and I saw the man on the cloth – I wept for an hour it was that vivid and obvious to me who it was. And the face I thought looked like the very early art depictions of Him. (I studied Fine Art in college) The cost of the presentation (2 hours long) is only 7.50, hard to believe that but the church is only charging to cover the cost of getting Russ there. What a blessing for the audience!

If you’re anywhere around the Charlotte, NC area on September the 29th I sincerely hope you’ll be there to check it out! (I’ll be one of the ones sobbing, somewhere near the front) It’s the most profound mystery I’ve ever heard about. That and the mystery of Christ, Himself; “my Lord and my God.”

BTW, I’m not in cahoots with anyone at all affiliated with the presentation in any way. I’m just a very interested Christian who thought this would make a great witness to my niece, who’s I hope is going with me because my sister-in-law is already saved. Praise God for that! There’s many others though I need to try again to reach. This would make a wonderful witness and I don’t understand why more Christians aren’t interested in it.

Oh! Now I remember. The radio carbon dating. Well, give it up because Sue Benford and the Scientists from Los Alamos Lab. showed the re-weaving of the cloth done in the exact place they chose for the samples! Ohm; they couldn’t have picked a worse place to date it from “IF THEY HAD TRIED!” Not saying…I’m just sayin’… ya know?