There’s a series of videos, for those interested in the subject, on how the New Testament Jews would have understood Jesus according to the First Testament Scriptures. I believe there are four in total with Michael Heiser teaching classes at Grace Church Bellingham that are recorded on Vimeo. Well worth watching, especially since you can skip the background noise of Youtube. That’s a very good thing indeed! Heiser’s explanations are clear and very easy to understand and listen to. Heiser’s personal biography will show you that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, although he’d be justified in doing so. In fact, he’s probably a down right fun scholar to learn from. He’s certainly admired by me!…and we share a common interest as listed below.  Heiser’s Vimeo Series is available here.

Heiser has also tackled the subject of UFO’s. You heard me right. UFO’s were once something I followed closely. Well, to say once sounds like I watched a few specials or Youtube videos. No, I spent decades, as in close to two, chasing everything I could find about the subject. My thoughts–Ufo’s are real–they are interdimensional–and they are from God. Whether we could call them good angels or bad angels is not for me to decide. They’re just there working God’s will and that’s good enough for me. I don’t see an alien antichrist who’s going to take over the world in a one world government conspiracy—no alien invasion. You can check out Heiser’s opinion, part of his Bio, interests and other credentials here.

Heiser’s Personal Biography.