We left off at Genesis, chapter 18. The two angels who were with Abraham and the LORD have gone on ahead to Sodom and Abraham and the LORD have concluded their conversation. We’re looking at Genesis, chapter 19 with the angels arriving at Sodom in the evening.

Gen 19:1-3 “The two angels came to Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom. When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them and bowed himself with his face to the earth and said, “My lords, please turn aside to your servant’s house and spend the night and wash your feet. Then you may rise up early and go on your way.” They said, “No; we will spend the night in the town square.” But he pressed them strongly; so they turned aside to him and entered his house. And he made them a feast and baked unleavened bread, and they ate.”

These are the same two angels who accompanied the LORD to Abraham’s dwelling place and spent the day in his company. Remember that they had dined with Abraham and yet here they’re getting ready to eat again. Either their visit with Abraham wasn’t a that short a visit or they walked a good distance to Sodom arriving just at evening time. If anyone knows where Abraham was and how far Sodom would be from there please leave me word.  These two angels appear to Lot as men who need to wash their feet and take shelter for the night. It’s reasonable that Lot knew they were angels but that’s not explicitly stated. The text tells us they were angels. Eastern hospitality is such that strangers are welcomed to take shelter and provision as they travel. Lot doesn’t dare let them spend the night in the town square as he knows full well the perverted happening going in the city he chose to reside in. Scripture doesn’t tell us why he chose to stay so we can’t even speculate. Well, we could speculate but we’re not going to. So Lot strongly persuades them to come into his home and he prepares a feast and bakes unleavened bread and they eat again.

Gen. 19:4-11

Before they all lay down to sleep, the men of Sodom surround the house and want Lot to bring the new kids on the block outside so they can get to know the strangers intimately let’s say… Not only is that desire a gross violation of the natural order that God ordained, it’s also a gross injustice to strangers who have taken shelter for the night. God has full knowledge of the wickedness going on and it seems the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities of the plain had “reached it’s full measure of wickedness” and their destruction was already decreed. These two strangers are no ordinary men as they strike the townsfolk blind in an instant and pull Lot back inside the house.

Gen 19:12-14 Then the men said to Lot, “Have you anyone else here? Sons-in-law, sons, daughters, or anyone you have in the city, bring them out of the place.  For we are about to destroy this place, because the outcry against its people has become great before the LORD, and the LORD has sent us to destroy it.”  So Lot went out and said to his sons-in-law, who were to marry his daughters, “Up! Get out of this place, for the LORD is about to destroy the city.” But he seemed to his sons-in-law to be jesting.

In the previous chapter, 18, we heard the LORD saying to Abraham “Because the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great and their sin is very grave, I will go down to see whether they have done altogether according to the outcry that has come to me. And if not, I will know.” The angels go ahead of the LORD but He will “go down to see” for Himself. The language used in chapter 18 should sound familiar as it is very reminiscent of the tower of Babel incident. The LORD says to Abraham that He’s heading down to Sodom and now we have the angels saying to Lot that the outcry against the citizens of Sodom is great before the LORD and they are about to destroy it. I’m not sure what took place in between the time that Lot went out of the house to his sons-in-laws in order to save them, but the next we hear dawn is breaking and time is running out!  Perhaps he was packing up what he could.  We know from later verses that they had wine so I imagine they escaped with provisions.

Gen 19:15 As morning dawned, the angels urged Lot, saying, “Up! Take your wife and your two daughters who are here, lest you be swept away in the punishment of the city.”

Gen 19:16 But he lingered. So the men seized him and his wife and his two daughters by the hand, the LORD being merciful to him, and they brought him out and set him outside the city.

Gen 19:17 And as they brought them out, one said, “Escape for your life. Do not look back or stop anywhere in the valley. Escape to the hills, lest you be swept away.”

Gen 19:18 And Lot said to them, “Oh, no, my lords.  Gen 19:19 Behold, your servant has found favor in your sight, and you have shown me great kindness in saving my life. But I cannot escape to the hills, lest the disaster overtake me and I die.

Gen 19:20 Behold, this city is near enough to flee to, and it is a little one. Let me escape there–is it not a little one?–and my life will be saved!”

Gen 19:21 He said to him, “Behold, I grant you this favor also, that I will not overthrow the city of which you have spoken.

Things have begun to get a bit muddied here. It seems to me that there’s more than meets the eye going on in this discourse with Lot. In verse 19:17 we read that “one said” for Lot to escape and not to look back lest he’s swept up in judgement with them. Perhaps Lot’s to old to traverse the steep hills very well and so he requests permission to flee to a “little” town that’s nearer but still far enough away from Sodom. Lot’s probably reckoning that it’s only Sodom that’s targeted for destruction.  That’s just speculation of course.  The request is granted but by whom? The text in verse 21 says only that “He said to him.” We don’t know who He is but considering the answer given to Lot I would venture to say it’s the LORD speaking to him. Who was it that granted Lot favor in the first place? It was the LORD and He’s already whittled the number down from ten to four in Lot’s favor and then He speaks exactly what He did to Abraham: “I will not overthrow the city of which you have spoken. ”

It seems apparent to me that the LORD has met up with the two angels and Lot.

Gen 19:22-23  Escape there quickly, for I can do nothing till you arrive there.” Therefore the name of the city was called Zoar (little). The sun had risen on the earth when Lot came to Zoar.

The LORD has done better than He had promised Abraham. Four souls were put outside the city destined for destruction.

Gen 19:24 Then the LORD rained on Sodom and Gomorrah sulfur and fire from the LORD out of heaven.

Gen 19:25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the valley, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground.

In verses 24-25 we have the same LORD that told Abraham just the day before of His purpose to destroy the cities of the plain and here we have the LORD raining down sulfur and fire from the LORD out of heaven. The LORD who came to render judgment who is the Judge of all the earth, the same LORD who came to Abraham in the likeness of a Man, is working in concert with the will of the LORD who is in heaven. Isn’t that exactly what the text says? The peshat is that there are two who are both YHWH. They are separate but they’re not. The will of the one is the will of the other.  There is the LORD in heaven, whose face no one can behold, and there is the LORD who manifests Himself on earth. That’s what’s written in those Scripture verses. God wants to make sure we really get it so He elaborates even more in the next verses. Regrettably we all know what happened to Lot’s wife.

Gen 19:27 And Abraham went early in the morning to the place where he had stood before the LORD.

Gen 19:28 And he looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah and toward all the land of the valley, and he looked and, behold, the smoke of the land went up like the smoke of a furnace.

We see Abraham standing in the same place where he was the day before, the text says, “where he had stood before the LORD.” Abraham beholds the utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities of the plain. I have a feeling that Abraham trusted God even then that He had taken Lot and his family out first.

Gen 19:29 So it was that, when God destroyed the cities of the valley, God remembered Abraham and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow when he overthrew the cities in which Lot had lived.

The author of Genesis wrote all that the LORD commanded him to write. The verse reads, “when God destroyed the cities…God remembered Abraham…when He overthrew the cities in which Lot had lived.” The Man who stood before Abraham is the LORD and we see here that He is God. The LORD who is in heaven is God. The words of Jesus explain it well:

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

I hope those of you reading this with scepticism will pause and ask yourselves an important question. Do our Scriptures mean what they say? Is there any reason to add to the Word of God? Is there any reason to subtract from it? Is there any reason at all to invent a artificial nomenclature to explain what the plain text is clearly saying? You won’t find “Metatron” anywhere in the peshat no matter where you look. There is no such entity. Are the statements made by Jesus any different than the chapters we’ve just looked at which outline two YHWH’s, with a clear distinction being made between YHWH in heaven and YHWH who visits mankind; yet both are God?  No. Jesus is merely expounding on what the Jews should have already known. Some did know. They recognized the truth that Jesus spoke and they went on to take the message of God’s salvation through God, the Father’s Son, to the ends of the earth! ”

Jhn 8:56-57

“Your father Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day. He saw it and was glad.” So the Jews said to him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and have you seen Abraham?”

“I speak the truth, Before Abraham was, I am.”

Jhn 10:30 “I and the Father are One.”