A bit of humor to brighten your day!

I was prompted by a recent post on a friend’s blog to share with you something I posted on the internet, but then this would only apply to those of us who actually put our real names and identities out there.   So, the funniest thing just came to my attention.  I sometimes misspell the same words over and over again, although in this case it was the same convoluted idea of two similar words with similar meanings and spellings, I don’t know if that happens to you that often, but it sure proved to be embarrassing!   Case in point on the funny thing is that I created a written conflation and joined the ranks of Sarah Palin!  Now you would think that that’s an innocent enough mistake but when I Googled the same conflated word, lo and behold it brought up the exact URL where I had committed it to the WWW forever!   🙂  Yes indeed!  And don’t you know I was the only poor soul listed at the top of the page who ever used that particular conflation!  I’m not one in several million anymore, as I stick out like a sore thumb for all the world to see as I have my very own Palinization eternally etched in the quadrillions of bits and bites on the WWW!    So, unless we experience a phenomenal electro-magnetic pulse that wipes every bit of the circuitry clean, there I’ll be, all alone at the top of the list!  

No, I’m not going to give it out but if you ever stumble across it, please remember me kindly…you never know if you’ll be the next victim of a non-discriminatory and downright embarrassing faux pas on the WWW!  

Palinization?  Did I just do it again?!  😀