There is a distinct figure who makes his initial appearance in the book of Genesis and this person’s appearances only grow more complex as we progress through Scripture. We find him identified at times as the Angel of the Lord, other times he appears, at first, to be as any other man until the perception of who this person truly is is realized by those who find themselves in his presence. They acknowledge with their eyes, as the written testimony attests to in our Scriptures, that they have seen a man and often he is received as any other stranger would be. However, the progressive revelation as is recorded for us is that they soon, or shortly thereafter, realize that they have certainly entertained the LORD.

This figure appears throughout Scripture in manifestation as a Man who is also declared to be an Angel and who is ultimately understood by those who encounter Him to be none other than God. Scripture is not duplicitous and it is not meant to be one great big secret, otherwise God did not succeed in making Himself known to mankind. There is no problem in understanding the written word as God dictated it, the problem is only in the refusal of some to believe what is written and what they have read. Absolute honesty is all that’s required and is necessary in order for us to accept the implications, whatever they may be, of all that has been presented to us by those God chose to record it. What is presented is the absolute truth as God revealed it to all of mankind. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walked, talked and dined with the Patriarchs, Moses and the Elders of Israel as well as appearing to others. He appeared in various roles and at different times throughout the early history of Israel. That He did appear in a definite form, as it is forever recorded in Scripture by His faithful servant, should be read and understood by all of us exactly as the Lord wanted it preserved. The written word of Scripture is the vehicle by which God chose to reveal Himself to all of mankind. To deny the witness of Scripture is to confess that we don’t really know Him as He truly is.

I’ll elaborate more fully soon, God willing, with the evidence based on the written word that God gave to mankind by way of the Nation that He chose to faithfully preserve the Scriptures for all of us . No doubt I’ll interject my personal musings born out of rational interpretation and critical thinking, of course.  🙂 

I want to look at the messenger of the covenant who initiated the blood covenants with the Patriarchs together with the promises to them.  Then we’ll meet the messenger of the covenant initiated with all of Israel after the exodus from Egypt.

I’ll give my thoughts on what it was that Abraham must have taught his descendants and why the Lord trusted that he would do exactly that.

There’s so much to talk about and I’m constantly amazed by all the Lord has revealed to us through His Scriptures!

Feel free to bring your own thoughts to the discussion, whether for or against, (as long as you abide by the commenting rules) and we’ll talk about it together.

To God be the Glory–great things He has done!